Structural & Stochastic Dynamics
A Research Unit of The Structural Engineering Division
Dept. of Architecture, Geology, Environment and Constructions
The Structural Engineering Division is a research group contributing to the development of analysis and design tools for structures under seismic, fire or under other natural hazards. It also focuses on the structural behavior and analysis of concrete and marine and hydraulic structures. 
It is composed of four research units, among which the Structural & Stochastic Dynamics research unit.

Headed by Prof. Vincent Denoël, this unit is concerned with the structural analysis under wind, seismic and various other deterministic or stochastic loadings. 

Welcome on the website of the Structural & Stochastic Dynamics research group.

Research in dynamics of civil engineering structures was initiated at the University of Liège by Prof. G. Fonder (retired in 2008) and Prof. A. Plumier (retired in 2012). Their expertise in the domain of structural dynamics and seismic engineering was further developed by Dr. H. Degée and later on with the works of Dr. V. Denoël in the field of stochastic dynamics.

In 2009, V. Denoël was appointed as a Professor in the Department of Architecture, Environment, Geology and Constructions. The researches developed by the current team cover various aspects of structural and stochastic dynamics but also some particular problems of human-structure interaction in civil structures and drilling engineering. See our research topics.

Besides the Structural & Stochastic Dynamics group offers possibilities for industrial collaboration and consulting services. Follow other people and companies' choice; just ask to know wheter your technical questions may find apropriate answers.
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Erasmus Students
V. Denoël is Erasmus Coordinator in the Department of Architecture, Geology, Environment and Construction.
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Information for students
Concours Faites le Pont is a competition for students that consists in building a resistant and aesthetic bridge model made of carton board, cord and glue. The competition has been organized since 1991 and welcomes approximately 50 to 60 teams of up to 3 students each year. It awards the winners of the competition with 650€ of cash prizes.
The usual agenda is: distribution of the material in January and final competition in April, after the Easter break.
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News / Agenda
PhD Defense: Thomas Canor
Date May 6th, 2014 @ 3:00PM
PhD Defense: Alexandre Depouhon
Date: July 3rd, 2014 @ 4:00PM 
Concours FAITES LE pont
Concours Faites le Pont
CompDyn 2015
Creete, 25-27 May 2015
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ICWE 2015
Porto Allegre, 21-25 June 2015
Some doctoral students at the University of Liège may be registered in a dual degree program with the University of Minnesota. You are welcome to apply and enroll in our joint research on directional drilling. Hot topics of the moment are the 3-D Eulerian formulation of the constrained elastica problem, the numerical modeling of drillstring impacts on the borehole, the drillstring/BHA coupling while building up curvature, the simplified analysis of bending stresses in drillstrings in some parametrized configurations of borehole.
BBAA 2016
Boston, 5-8 June 2016
Nonlin. Dyn of Deep Drilling Systems
Belgium, 2016
EACWE 2017
Liège, July 2017
The design office Greisch is one of our major partners in applied research. Our expertise in Structural and Stochastic Dynamics and Wind Engineering is shared in various research projects (see here) involving bridges, buildings and stadia.
Vibrations of the fottbridge in TIlff
The A.I.V., Association pour l'Ingénierie du Vent, is the French speaking wind engineering association. It brings together members of the industry, administration and academia around wind engineering topics. On behalf of the A.I.V., the next European-African Conference on Wind Engineering (EACWE 2017) will be organized in Liège in July 2017. More information to come soon.
Epslog Engineering is a Belgian company specialized in rock strength testing and drilling data interpretation. In particular, Epslog commercializes the scratch test, which provides a log of rock strength at the centimetric scale. Other topics of interests are the identification of rock-facies based on image and scratch sound recordings. 
FINELG is a Finite Element Software developed initially at Liege University in the Department of Civil Engineering and today in full collaboration with the Engineering Office Greisch. The program is continuously improved by the R.& D. team, either with own financing either with funds of European projects.
User's manual is available here.
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